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Online dating sites in Pittsburgh provide a seemingly convenient option for local singles to meet and communicate. A few people might have found love through online dating sites over the years, but they’re not very promising for the general population. The number of online dating sites are increasing by the day, but the same cannot be said for their success stories.

The bad encounters and horror stories flood the internet. The number of crime stories can be found on the news and TV shows. Sexual abuse and even death have come from online dating sites. There are cyber bullies, hackers, scammers, criminals, and even sexual predators. To put it in a nutshell, the disadvantages and risks of using online dating sites to find love are now bigger than they ever were. Our Pittsburgh upscale matchmakers will uncover those inconveniences and risks today. 

If you are one of the many people who have seen the commercials, you might be inclined to give them a shot. After all, you can fill out the profile from the comfort of your own home and supposedly be matched with compatible local singles. But before you sign up, our Pittsburgh upscale matchmakers encourage you to read the following blog. Today, we’ll show you the disadvantages of signing up with online dating sites on your search for love.

It’s Overwhelming

Entering the online dating world as a newcomer can feel absolutely overwhelming. With thousands of profiles to browse, it can feel like a never-ending search. And when you do start finding people who catch your interest, sending and receiving messages can feel like a second job. After all, in order to spark a connection with someone, you’re going to have to message each other back and forth. The online dating world requires you to spend hours on your computer. And if you already work behind the desk, the last thing you want to do is spend your free time searching and screening potential candidates when you get home. 

Your Photo and Personal Info Are Public

All the information you list on your online dating profile will become public for the world to see. Your bio, photo, and personal info will be out there for anyone to see. Your friends, family, boss, coworkers, and even clients will know you’re looking for love, which can feel like an intrusion of your personal life. And if you’re like many of our high caliber clients, you cannot afford for this type of intrusion on your personal life. Here at Pittsburgh Singles, we are 100 percent private; nobody knows you’re using our services unless you tell them yourself.

There Is No Emotional Involvement

It’s no secret that online dating sites are filled with people who do nothing but play around. Online dating sites are a place you go for fun and excitement, not for real love. If you are venturing into the online dating world, it will be very difficult to gauge if someone is being sincere with you, unless you meet them in person. And by that time, you’ll have wasted a lot of time and energy.

Many love seekers end up falling for someone who portrays themselves as someone they’re really not. Online dating sites are filled with people who create an online dating persona. Although some people do find their perfect partners online, others have traveled hours and miles only to be left stranded and hopeless about dating.

They Cost A Lot

Let us clarify something here. We don’t mean online dating sites cost a lot of money, although they do charge you a monthly fee. We’re referring to all the time and energy you’ll need to put into your search for love online. Scanning through thousands of local profiles isn’t an easy task. And screening the many singles you’ll come across online is anything but simple. With hundreds of fake profiles and misleading and undesirable users, you’ll be exhausted on your search for love. Here at Pittsburgh Singles, our expert matchmakers do the searching and vetting for you, leaving you to enjoy meeting like-minded singles who fit your dating criteria—which means no more wasted dates.

They’re filled with scammers.

Online dating sites are filled with scammers who are looking for an easy target. These scammers create fake profiles using falsified information and stolen photos. They have become so patient that they’re willing to talk to you for several weeks just to gain your trust. Eventually, though, they’ll ask you for money, and it will be hard for you to turn them down. They’ll woo you and rope you in right to where they want you. They’ll claim they’re experiencing a medical emergency or that they need money to solve another major issue in their life. They promise to give you that money back, but once you send it they’ll disappear, leaving you heartbroken and broke.

It is not a safe option.

Many online daters get caught up in the fantasy of meeting that special someone that they don’t think clearly and logically. The excitement of finding love has them willing to meet anyone, without knowing who they really are and if they’re safe to meet. People hiding behind the computer will portray themselves to be someone they’re not, which spells big trouble for serious love seekers like you.

It is easy to create a fake profile, which is why our Pittsburgh upscale matchmakers want you to exercise caution when embarking in the online dating world. Be wary of meeting anyone in person. Many people have had real life horror stories; some have been kidnapped, physically harmed, or even murdered. Don’t believe us? Simply Google it right now.

While online dating sites can be tempting for local singles, the disadvantages are imminent. The risks involved with online dating sites greatly outweigh the results. If you’re serious about finding love, you’ll steer clear of online dating sites. Not having a date for the upcoming weekend can be frustrating, but meeting someone you know nothing about can put you and your life at risk. Putting yourself in harm’s way in attempts to find love is not worth it. Risking your life over love isn’t something you need do. If you’re looking for true love, let our Pittsburgh upscale matchmakers provide you with a safe, simple, private, and secure way of dating.

Have you used an online dating site before? Have you tried a mobile dating app?  What was your experience?  And are you still looking for love?  If you need help meeting quality singles in Pittsburgh, contact our Pittsburgh upscale matchmakers today and let us show you why professional matchmaking will always trump online dating.  Fill out the private survey on our homepage to reserve your one-on-one no-obligation consultation today.