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Do you know what single women in Pittsburgh are truly looking for in a man? Sure, you’ve heard of women keeping mental lists of what they desire in a man, but do you know what that list consists of? Of course no two women are alike, and everyone wants something different, but our Pittsburgh matchmakers have the inside scoop.

During the early stages of relationships, some women get so wrapped up in outside appearances and forget about the important things. But these relationships don’t last long. Women searching for a long term relationship are looking for certain traits and characteristics in a man. If you can display these important things to her, then you’ll put yourself ahead of your competition. Are you ready to find out what these important traits and behaviors are?

What Single Women Desire in a Man

Of course women desire a man who looks good, but is that all women search for in a man? Of course not. Although every woman is unique, our matchmakers have compiled a list of the top 10 things women desire and search for in a relationship.

  1. He has to be attractive.

This might seem pretty obvious, but a man must be attractive and appealing to her. Physical attraction is very important to a relationship because no amount of intellectual attraction is enough to keep a relationship going. Don’t think you need to have George Clooney’s looks to attract the ladies; as long as you take care of yourself, have good hygiene, and dress and present yourself well, you are good to go.

  1. He must be able to carry on a conversation.

Women might find a man to be ridiculously attractive—he might have a good job, share the same religious beliefs, and even have similar hobbies. But none of that will matter if he can’t hold a meaningful conversation. He must be able to carry on a smart conversation because no woman wants a man who doesn’t know how to communicate. If you already know something about women, it’s that they enjoy talking. They will not put up with a man who doesn’t know how to express himself.

  1. He must complement her.

Compliment is much different than complement. A man needs to complement a woman’s life—in other words, he has to mesh well with her. If she is into sports, he needs to have some interest in sports as well. If she is into eating healthy and staying fit, then he needs to lead a healthy life as well. Women desire a man with similar interests and personalities so they don’t clash down the road.

  1. He needs to be supportive.

When a woman searches for a man, she’s looking for one who can push her to be better in life. She wants a man who is supportive of her dreams, no matter what they are. Okay, so you know she might not end up being the next Madonna, but if she wants to pursue a singing career, you need to support her. Support is an important aspect of every relationship.

  1. He needs to be ambitious.

No woman wants to date a man who is lazy and doesn’t have any goals in life. Women love a man who works hard in life and achieves the things he wants. Setting goals and working hard shows you’ll also work hard for the relationship. For all the men reading this, you need to show her that you’re ambitious, that have goals in life, and that you’re passionate about them.

  1. He needs to be reliable.

Reliability is one of the most important things women search for in a man. Every woman wants a man she can rely on for anything. If her car breaks down on the highway, she expects you to come save her. If she gives you a task to complete, she expects you to get it done. These things, no matter how little or big they are, create trust in the relationship.

  1. He needs to be honest.

Trust is very important to a relationship—without it, it won’t survive. Women search for a man who is honest, one they can trust and rely on. If you want to be successful with women, then you need to be honest and always ensure your actions align with your words.

  1. He should be family-oriented.

Women who are looking for a serious and meaningful relationship search for family-oriented men. They want a man who values family and friendship. If you haven’t talked to your mom or dad in ages, or could care less about your friends and family, then it’s safe to say she’ll skip over you.

  1. He needs to have the same beliefs.

Having the same belief is very important in a relationship. Faith and religion are two important things. If the two of you have different views on what is wrong and right, it could cause many problems in the relationship.

  1. He has to have the same goals for the future.

Of course no one knows what the future is going to bring. But women searching for a long term relationship expect a man to have a future that aligns with theirs. If she wants to settle down and you want to travel the world, things aren’t going to work out. She will not get involved with someone whose future doesn’t line up with hers.

Single women have an idea what they want in a man, and for good reason—they don’t want to end up in a bad relationship. Although not every woman is the same, and not every list of desires will be alike, the above listed qualities are very important to women. So either you step up to the plate or you get stepped on. So tell us, how do you measure up?

If you’re not meeting the right singles on your own, contact our Pittsburgh matchmakers and let us introduce you to relationship-minded single women in Pittsburgh. Let us help you find the love you deserve!